Espresso by Ganleys

Why not pick up a cup this morning?

Making Coffee

Winter Hours

Grandma'sTreat Jar is closed.
Espresso Drinks are available
in the Restaurant

  16 oz   20 oz
Steamer $2.30   $2.80
Red Eye $2.10   $2.40
Americano $1.60   $2.05
Latte $2.75   $3.25
Iced Latte $2.75   n/a
Cappuccino $3.20   $3.65
Breve $3.20   $3.65
Mocha $3.30   $3.80
Iced Mocha $3.30   n/a
Coffee Shake $4.75   n/a
Frappe $3.50   n/a
Espresso $1.50   $2.00
add a flavor   $.40  
extra shot of espresso   $.40  
Signature Drinks 16 oz 20 oz
  $3.50 $3.95
Ganley's Express white chocolate raspberry
Turtle Mocha chocolate caramel
Snickers Mocha chocolate caramel hazelnut
Almond Joy Latte chocolate almond
O'Polly Mocha Irish creme chocolate
Zebra Mocha chocolate & white chocolate
Galaxy Mocha caramel vanilla & white chocolate
Rocky Road chocolate vanilla & hazelnut
White Cow vanilla & white chocolate
Sugar Daddy caramel & hazelnut
Strawberry Burst strawberry, chocolate
Danish Latte vanilla & amaretto
Available in decafe and/or sugar-free

We are very sorry but we do not accept credit cards.
For your convenience we have an ATM on the premises.